• Workflow Service Delivery OptionsUnderstand the workflow provisions around SharePoint, Office365, Windows Azure used to improve business process automation, collaboration and productivity.
  • Principles and Concepts of Information AssuranceRead how Service Delivery (automation, data governance, data processing, support), aligns to Information Assurance (IA) and concerns all content management systems.
  • Service Assurance in Office365Read how Office365 includes Service Assurance providing resources to carry out risk assessments and audits, and includes a wealth of reports covering security, and the relevant legislation.
  • Web Analytics is a RevolutionRead how Web Analytics improves the usability of the SharePoint solution, drives collaboration, boosts ROI (Return On Investment); and thus enhances the overall productivity of SharePoint users
  • Creating a Repeatable Solution Delivery ProcessRead how a usable SharePoint solution needs to take into consideration the service standards applicable like design, development, commonality, consistency, tools and cross platform standards.
  • Service Delivery and AutomationRead how automation of an enterprise solution including Maintainability, Availability, Resiliency and Supportability using multiple technologies requires an adoption of an suite that allows you flexibility.
Enhanced user experiences for content management

Enhanced user experiences for content management

Document management is a core capability for SharePoint and Microsoft 365.  Today, we’re pleased to announce the following new capabilities which will start rolling out to Targeted Release by late August 2019. New document management actions for SharePoint...