Managing and Implementing Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010 Projects

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Delve into the capabilities of SharePoint® 2010 — and determine the best way to put this technology to work for your organization. With this practical guide, you’ll gain project management practices for implementing SharePoint, and learn how to customize the system to match the unique collaboration and data-sharing needs of your users.

Discover how to:

Define a SharePoint 2010 system specification based on user requirements
Plan your SharePoint implementation and build your team
Determine the function, performance, interfaces, and design of your system
Optimize your hardware, software, and information architecture
Take control of the documentation process during your SharePoint project
Manage the implementation to respond to the evolving needs of your organization

Your companion content includes a fully searchable online edition of the book — with unlimited access on the Web. Customize SharePoint 2010 to fit the needs of your business with this hands-on guide.

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 Introduction

    1. Project Planning in SharePoint
    2. A Historical Perspective on Project Governance with SharePoint
    3. What This Book Is About
    4. What This Book Is Not About
  2. Chapter 2 SharePoint 2010 Project Mantra

    1. What Is the SharePoint 2010 Project Mantra?
    2. Your First Steps
    3. Know Your SharePoint 2010 Features
    4. Engage the Right People
    5. Ask the Right Questions
    6. How to Perform an Effective SharePoint 2010 Implementation
    7. Negotiate an Appropriate Scope
    8. Deciding What Not to Do Is As Important As Deciding What to Do
    9. Avoid Biting Off More Than You Can Chew
    10. Renegotiate the Scope If Necessary
    11. Avoid Having to Whittle Your Scope Down to Nothing
    12. Your Best Project Tool Is Your Plan
    13. Summary
  3. Chapter 3 Content of Your SharePoint 2010 Project Plan

    1. Before You Get Started
    2. Create the SharePoint 2010 Quality Plan
    3. Introducing the SharePoint Project Plan
    4. The Plan Phase
    5. The Build Phase
    6. The Operate Phase
    7. Program Schedules
    8. Resource Requirements
    9. Summary
  4. Chapter 4 SharePoint Planning and Control: Start As You Mean to Go

    1. All SharePoint 2010 Projects Must Be Planned and Controlled to Ensure Success
    2. The Project Manager’s Responsibilities
    3. Key Procedures for SharePoint 2010 Design Development
    4. Manage the Configuration of SharePoint 2010
    5. Summary
  5. Chapter 5 Building Your SharePoint 2010 Team

    1. What Is the Terms of Reference Document, and Who Creates It?
    2. Project Manager
    3. SharePoint Architect
    4. SharePoint 2010 Administrator
    5. The SharePoint 2010 One-Stop Shop
    6. Interfaces: Teams in the Organization
    7. Business Analysts
    8. Information Analysts
    9. Interfaces: Consultants from Outside the Organization
    10. Communications, Testers, Education, and Training
    11. Building the Team
    12. Summary
  6. Chapter 6 Gathering the Resources for SharePoint Implementation

    1. Building SharePoint 2010 Resources
    2. Using SharePoint 2010 Sites for Project Recording
    3. Building SharePoint 2010 Resources: The Tasks Ahead
    4. Gathering Business Requirements
    5. Summary
  7. Chapter 7 The Business of SharePoint Architecture

    1. Describing SharePoint Business Architecture
    2. Hardware Architecture
    3. Software Architecture
    4. Information Architecture
    5. Further Reading
    6. Summary
  8. Chapter 8 SharePoint Customization

    1. When to Customize SharePoint 2010 and Some Reasons for Doing It
    2. Development Environment Options
    3. Examining the Development Options
    4. Development Governance
    5. Additional Resources
    6. Summary
  9. Chapter 9 SharePoint Governance

    1. What Is SharePoint Governance?
    2. Governance and Culture
    3. What Does SharePoint Governance Look At?
    4. Governance Is Not a New Form of Government!
    5. Statement of Operations
    6. Summary
  10. Chapter 10 SharePoint Configuration Management

    1. Configuration Management Applies to SharePoint
    2. The Project Manager Specifies the Configuration Management Policy
    3. How to Apply Configuration Management in SharePoint
    4. Bring the SharePoint Item Under Control As It Develops
    5. Control the Item Prior to Configuration Management
    6. Changes to Configured Items Must Be Controlled
    7. Summary
  11. Chapter 11 Making Sure SharePoint Meets User Requirements

    1. Data Growth Planning
    2. Content Usage Policies and Governance
    3. Training and Education Planning
    4. Monitoring and Maintenance Planning
    5. Finding Out What Users Want To Do with SharePoint 2010
    6. Summary
  12. Chapter 12 Producing the System Specification

    1. SharePoint 2010 Concepts
    2. Before You Begin Documentation
    3. System Specifications
    4. Summary
  13. Chapter 13 Planning and Implementing the SharePoint One-Stop Shop

    1. Learning from the Inside Out
    2. Everything Cannot Be Learned
    3. Everyone Has Different Needs
    4. Components of the One-Stop Shop
    5. Summary
  14. Chapter 14 Releasing SharePoint to the Client

    1. Build the Pilot System
    2. Build the Production System
    3. Test SharePoint 2010 Production
    4. Training Users When Production Is Ready
    5. Summary
  15. Chapter 15 SharePoint Is Implemented, Now What?

    1. Get Signoff and Work Through the Closure Checklist
    2. Confirm the Resources Necessary for Business As Usual
    3. Establish and Maintain Governance
    4. Summary